A Brighter Idea for Your Enterprise Resource Planning

ADI provides development services for Desktop Applications, Website Applications and Mobile Apps. Having the technical expertise to connect these systems in real-time. These connections bring information about your business to you quickly and makes your investment in software more productive. ADI gives each system the technical support needed through the life of the application. This brings assurance of a great return from long term investment.

If you need a better understanding of the terms being used on this page you can hover over the follwing terms listed in green.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that provides a system of integrated applications which is used to manage the business and automate back office functions related to cash flow, production, product delivery, customer resource management, marketing, technology, in office services and human resources. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation in a single database, application and user interface. This consolidation of business process improves reporting accuracy and speed. ERP systems also eliminate the use of pivot tables and third party dashboards for reporting.

Edge Computing (EC)

Edge Computing (EC) is a method of optimizing cloud computing systems by performing data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of data collection. This reduces the requirement for a continuous internet connection. While Edge Computing covers a wide range of technologies, ADI applies Edge Computing to ERP Systems within its ES ERP (Edge Systems Enterprise Resource Planning) technology using connected onsite/offsite Desktop Applications, Web Applications and Mobile Apps. Portions of the connected network system are classifiable as Local Cloud, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Edge Computing (EC) has many advantages when applied to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

  1. Edge application services significantly decrease the volumes of data that must be moved, the consequent traffic, and the distance the data must travel, thereby reducing transmission costs, shrinking latency, and improving quality of service (QoS).
  2. Edge computing eliminates, or at least de-emphasizes, the core computing environment, limiting or removing a major bottleneck and a potential point of failure.
  3. Security improves as encrypted data moves further in, toward the network core. As it approaches the enterprise, data is checked as it passes through protected firewalls and other security points, where viruses, compromised data, and active hackers can be caught early on.
  4. The ability to make virtual connections extends the capacity to be changed in size and/or scale. With the profile ES ERP Complete Business System you will have all the benefits of SaaS with less chances for compromised data or for a business shutdown based in an ISP failure.

ADI is devoted to their small business clientele's success by providing better Enterprise Resource Planning systems. They are software developers who understand that small business is the backbone of the American Economy. Business Outcomes are best served with affordable, easy to use and comprehensive business systems. ADI provides small business "Better Systems to Better Compete."

All of the complete business systems developed include as core, edge computing desktop business systems. For optional, additional features, there are Web Application Sites and Mobile Apps for limited access for Vendors, Customers and Field Employees.

  • General Ledger Double Entry Accounting
  • Invoicing, Statements and Debt Collection
  • Purchase Orders, Supply Chain, Inventory, Raw Materials and Multi-Level Builds
  • Production Management, Order Completion Tracking and Bill of Lading
  • Employee Time Reporting, Expense Reporting and Full Payroll
  • Board, Officers, Management, Employee, Contractor, Customer and Vendor Resource Management
  • .. and Much More (see downloadable report)

There are additional benefits for the adoption of EC into ERP Business Systems.

  • Faster response time for updates and reporting when utilizing a Desktop Deployment. This result in a time saving of more than 60% per employee by giving faster processing removing latency and employee waiting for a response allowing further actions.
  • Data replication of local data to a Private Cloud provides continuos backup of data. Recovery for a local minor disaster is closer to the time of the disaster and less data entry or processing to catch the systems to the point of new data entry.
  • Catstrophic recovery from distruction of a local facility requires a replicated local cloud to be delivered to a new location and local station computers. The local station computers can be set onto a local area network at an offsite location. Once the overnighted local cloud server arrives quick setup provides fast recovery from major catastophic events.

Why does ADI dedicate their resources to producing the comprehensive systems that your small business deserves?

If you watched the video above you saw why ADI works so diligently to insure their small business clients have the best systems available. Below are three areas where we talk about what ADI does and how they do it. Just click on the titles to know more.

Affordable Small Business Systems

ADI develops software that is comparable to large corporate business systems. Their clients enjoy easy to use systems that incorporate the best business methods and technology. With connected Desktop, Web and Mobile technologies their clients have an immediate and thorough view of their business and effect more informed choices. With ADI systems, any business can achieve a more profitable bottom line. All at a cost your small business can afford. ADI provides better systems at a lower cost. Give them a call at 770-564-8899 or use the contact form.

Improve corporate, staff and customer relations

Your small business is about relationships. Better methods and technology insure improved communication around the products and services you offer. Better corporate, staff and customer relations is important to your success. Responsive systems save precious time for your employees and customers. Comprehensive systems mean better informed decisions for everyone. Give them a call at 770-564-8899 or use the contact form.

Automation of Software Development

ADI uses advanced development tools. These tools produce a vast percent of the code for each project, including profile ES. This means that the time to a finished product is much less when compared to hand coded projects. The automation of our software development also means later changes happen more quickly. This leaves more time to concentrate on the specific requirements for your business software system.

Most developers come into your offices and suggest that you should "automate" your business processes. They then return to their work place to hand code every line of your new system. Even in a simple system there may be many thousands of lines of code. ADI listens to their own advice. They automate their code production. The automated code has been pretested. Giving ADI less overhead in providing error free solutions. Automation of software development brings you a simplified development process resulting in less time and cost. Give them a call at 770-564-8899 or use the contact form.

ADI is dedicated to providing your small business the comprehensive system it deserves. You can use their services in three different ways.
1.) profile ES - SaaS​​​​​​​

ADI's "profile ES" is a complete ERP + CRM + PO + POS + eCommerce + Supply Chain + Double Entry with trial balances. There is so much more inside profile ES. There is no other business system available in the modern market that does as much for your security and your ability to keep your business open.

It arrives as an in-office server that is remotely managed as your Local Cloud. This is where the core Desktop Application is located as your Edge Computing portion of the system. If you have more than one location; each location gets it's own Local Cloud. All of your Local Clouds are binary replicated into a database in your Private Cloud. There is no public access to your Private Cloud so you are assured your data is secure.

If you have only one location and have no need for a web application or a mobile application then your data stays in the one Local Cloud except as a replication to your Private Cloud as a continuous backup. This continuous back up to the Private Cloud is your source for a Secure Catastrophic Recovery. In the event you have a catastrophic event; fire, flood or electrical damages; ADI will overnight your latest data in a new fully populated server. This is your new Local Cloud with all of the most current data on-board. Just set up PC's if needed, connect to the Local Cloud on the network and in minutes you are back where you left off before the Catastrophic event.

The Local Cloud being in the location(s) means if you loose your Internet Connection the office is able to continue their work. The Local Cloud keeps a list of every change you make and then when the Internet Connection is restored it updates your Private Cloud. This means no in-the-office downtime from broken Internet Connectivity.

If you want the option of a Public Web Application ADI brings only the data required for company outreach to your clients, customers, dispatch/field services and/or vendors. This limits the information anyone can get into. For those who have access; the viewable information is securely contained and selective for those who are given authority through the Web Application Security or the Desktop Security. Any information updated by web application users is also updated to your Private Cloud and the location Local Cloud servers. Desk sales in the office or field sales by your sales staff and in office sales at your cash register all come together in one place, and it's not just sales that works this way.

Because profile ES is a Software as a Service it has a low cost entry and no long term commitment. As you have read above profile ES is more than a typical in the cloud Software as a Service. profile ES is a Compete Business System which is always on in your one or more locations. profile ES is not dependent on your internet connection.To receive a more complete list of the features of the profile Edge System ERP please complete the form below or give them a call at 770-564-8899.


2.) Customized profile ES Systems

The many years of ADI's experience has proven that the profile ES features are comprehensive. However, if your business needs something more specific we offer two options.

Option One: Your company pays a one time location license for the base code of profile ES. You pay for the custom development. This option gives you the full feature set of profile ES with your specific features added. Any future support for this option is an extra charge.

Option Two: Just ask ADI "If the features you need can be made available in the standard profile ES SaaS version?" If your feature request improves the base features of profile ES we will proceed to add this functionality, without charge to you, along with your commitment to using profile ES for one year. You will be involved in the approval process for the requested features. This option keeps you in the profile ES SaaS family and provides you with free updates and support.

3.) Custom Systems

There are times when your business requires a custom development project.

  • You may have existing systems that fit your business, but they are not connected.
  • You could have one or more business functions that are not available in those systems.

ADI can design a custom system that connects your current systems and/or adds a currently missing business function.

  • You could be needing a complete business system that is specifically for your business.

ADI can design a business system just for your business. Their years of experience and the use of development automation assures that your project will be within your budget and within the agreed time frame.