ADI provides organizations of all sizes with affordable, connected, enterprise-level ERP, Website, and Mobile applications.

ProfileES ERP EaaS

Enterprise as a Service

Platform, Infrastructure, and Software
All as a Service

ProfileES ERP EaaS

Enterprise as a Service

Customized ProfileES

Fully functional ERP

Customized to your requirements.

Customized ProfileES

Fully functional ERP

Custom Systems

Replace, Connect, and Automate

Improve your bottom line

Custom Systems

Replace, Connect, and Automate

We don't outsource

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Expect Excellence

We Don't Outsource Our Development

We believe what is good for our clients is good for us. We automate our processes just as we automate the processes of our clients. Our AI-driven code generator writes error-free code. To customize your project, we will embed about 20% of handwritten code.

Not only does the automation of code development save time and money, but it also places our cost below what any outsourced, cheap-by-the-hour off-shore service can provide. This means saving time and money and ensuring that your project's code is not seen or altered by an outside developer.

We utilize low code, no code, and open source resources to develop business systems for our clients. This saves development time and does not compromise the quality and security of those systems. Our development is "Accelerated" because of our 20 years of using the mentioned technologies.

With decades of experience in the IT field, we bring a new look at security. We recommend that our clients isolate the availability of critical data (i.e. Customer Information, Product and Service Processes, Inventory and Vendors) out of the reach of their competition by relegating all of that information to in-house systems. Leaving needed access for e-Commerce, Customer Services, Field DIspatch for Service and Sales to a web application portion of their business system. Also giving full access of the features located on the web application to the office personnel through their desktop portion of the system.

Twenty Plus Years of Experience

Over 20 Years of Expert Service

↴ Quality Teams Our teams are made of experienced developers. Each one has many years of development in numerous software languages, multiple industries and is focused on the needs of our clients.
↴ Short Cycle Agile We use an Artificial-Intelligence-driven environment to generate the code for your project. The AI-generated code is error-free and does not need to be tested. This allows us to make more changes during each cycle, resulting in a better system in less time.
↴ Connected Platforms Many small businesses use a desktop or a cloud based ERP. They also have a website and perhaps a mobile application. We enable our clients to connect all of their platforms. This simplifies communication with vendors, customers, field workers, and in-office workers.
↴ Detailed Attention With each iteration or cycle of your solution development you have the opportunity to clarify specifications. This is best accomplished by ongoing communication. This process allows for correction, thereby implementing the detail you require.
↴ Timely Deliverables We deliver your project on-schedule.
↴ Quotes not Estimates We provide you with an upfront quote. Once you have decided to accept our contract there are no additional fees or costs to complete your project.
↴ Broad Experience Our teams have worked with many different industries and many unique features within those software systems. You can be assured that any special process or activity you are wanting in your final system it is easily understood and developed.

Our Passion

Our Passion Drives Us Forward

We enjoy creating affordable enterprise solutions
for those who don't have deep pockets
and helping small to medium businesses (SMBs) succeed.

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Introducing Profile ES ERP

We had reinvented the wheel a good many times over the past two decades. We decided to take what we have experienced and build something that is capable of fitting most business situations. I would like to introduce you to Profile ES ERP. A service and a product of ADI.

Profile ES ERP is a versatile and customizable enterprise software solution designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, from small offices with limited internet access to large multinational corporations. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including payroll, human resources, manufacturing, retail production, point of sale, e-commerce, field sales dispatch, and customer services. With capabilities like accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, inventory management, and job costing, Profile ES ERP provides a complete business management solution. Additionally, it offers advanced options for data security and remote management, ensuring efficient operations across various departments and locations.

Different configurations for Profile ES ERP will fit exactly what you need. Your choices would be based on your number of locations, if you have field sales or field customer service dispatch, and/or if you have locations with intermittent or poor internet connectivity.

To have a better idea of the possible configurations here is an image of a majority of them. If you have questions, just call or utilize our contact form.

Connecting Multiple Platforms

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Our methods and tools allow us to connect different platforms resulting in a seamless Enterprise System.

This result minimizes or removes manual processes to transfer information from one platform to another.