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Profile ES provides organizations of all sizes with the power of affordable, enterprise-level ERP desktop software. The various functions within the environment include software to manage human resources, customer service, accounting, payroll, shipping, operations and even web development -- all uniquely designed to meet the needs of your business.

Have a multi-site business or remote workers? No problem, simply add our optional Private Cloud for fully connected functionality that works anywhere your users have access to the internet.

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We want to help your business to be profitable and growing, just as your business should be.
ADI stays inside your agreed budget and deadlines.
At a lower cost than you might assume.

What is profile ES

What is profile ES?

The only complete Enterprise as a Service
built for large corporate businesses
priced for small businesses

Profile ES ERP Complete
provides the following benefits

  • your web, mobile & the in-house applications are strategically connected    
  • profile ES is completly customizable to meet your company needs    
  • your business continues even with loss of Internet Connections    
  • your data is backed up & secured at each of your locations    
  • achieve catastrophic recovery overnight, with one call    

Profile ES ERP Complete combines Advanced ERP Applications,
Web Applications, Mobile APPs, Cloud Platforms, Infrastructure,
Security, Continuous Data/File Backups and Catastrophic Recovery

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Our Motivation

What is Our Motivation?

We are dedicated to providing affordable advanced business systems to all of our small business clients!

  • Entrepreneurship brings class mobility.
  • Without political favoritism for one business over another, free markets are good for everyone.
  • Level competition results in better pricing, better products, and better services to the consumer.
  • Small companies give more personal services and know better the qualities their customers need and want.
  • Large corporations have deep pockets for their advanced business systems.

Why Use ADI?

Why Use ADI?

ADI Service covers any instance of your system needs. The services offered are complete when combined. Some services require other services to be active.

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How Profile ES Works

How Profile ES Works

Profile ES ERP core has no modules to add.
It is a (nearly) complete ERP built by a team that is open to adding more functionality.
The optional parts of Profile ES are not in the ERP core portion but the infrastructure.

  • Your small business may need a local-cloud to preserve your in house production in areas where the ISP is not as reliable.
  • Your business might benefit having customer support systems added as a connected web-application.
  • Your company field techs and service members might benefit from having a connected mobile dispatch app.

When your business systems are fully connected and optimized your employees are able to provide a better customer experience in a variety of different ways.
Our profile ES business software provides a fully connected business system;
Purposefully designed to bring SMBs securely and safely to a fully electronic business platform.

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