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We believe in free markets. Competition brings better pricing, better products and better services to the consumer. Entrepreneurship brings class mobility. Small companies give more personal service and know the product qualities their customers need and want. Large corporations have deep pockets for advanced business systems. Superior business systems give an advantage to large corporations. We make sure the business systems we produce are equivalent to those running in large corporations, but priced for the small business market.

Here at ADI, we focus on providing affordable solutions to small business leaders that will improve internal and external communications, speed development of new ideas, services, and products and boost organizational efficiency. We simplify the inbound and social media marketing to provide easier lead collection for our clients' sales.

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We find ways to deliver finished projects at a lower cost. We know that automating any business process brings costs down. This gives a better market position, as long as, the quality of the product or services remains high. We take this advice and apply it to our systems development.

The automation of our software development allows us to provide services at a greatly reduced price and retain our high standards. Most software development shops continue to hand code their projects. This injects hundreds of man-hours into their development process and increases the cost of those projects. We also use open source systems which brings full functionality at a lower cost. Using these together we are able to provide small business better systems that they can afford.

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ADI Brings Advanced Solutions for Your Business

One size does not fit all, and the professionals at Accelerated Design understand that completely. Our three separate engagement models ensure that we can tailor your business systems to fit your unique needs. We offer:

Our profile ES ERP SaaS:

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When you need a broadly featured ERP, the profile ES ERP SaaS business application stack offers an affordable solution that provides you with the convenience of your local Cloud access to data and the disaster recovery support of a remote Private Cloud. If your organization is focused on a low cost of entry and no long-term commitment, this may be the right solution.

To know better the features provided by the profile ES ERP SaaS just fill in the form below to receive an extensive "white paper" on the service.

Customized profile ES ERP:

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More in-depth customization is often best supported by our on-premise version of profile ES ERP which provides you with a high level of control over the codebase. However, if your required changes could be adopted by other clients, we may determine that they could be added to the overall feature roadmap for release in the SaaS version.

To know better the features provided by the profile ES ERP SaaS and to receive a response concerning your need for specific features fill in the form below.

Custom Systems:

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While profile ES ERP will work for many organizations, there are times that you need a custom solution. ADI technicians can work with you to create unique connections and business systems that will support your ongoing needs within your current software systems -- always staying within your agreed-upon budget and deadlines.

If we can help your current situation with a specific feature set rather than a complete ERP system please fill in the form below. You will also receive the more extensive "white paper" on the profile ES ERP system with our initial reply but you may discard the document at your descretion.

We want to be on a first name basis with all of our clients.
You may select one or more of the following three check boxes. All completed forms will receive the profile ES ERP SaaS white paper.
Nothing formal here. Just say briefly what issues you are wanting to solve. We can clarify what you are expecting when/if we have a further conversation. 

Accelerated Design Services are Complete

ADI will cover any instance of your system needs. The services offered are complete when combined. Some services require other services to be active.

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Software as a Service

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  • profile ES ERP

    > provides all of the services listed

    > some of those services are optional

Development Services

  • Websites

  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Apps

  • Desktop Software

  • Edge Computing

Infrastructure Services

  • Hosting

  • Managed Servers

  • Catastrophic Recovery

    • Continuous Backup

      • Database Replication

      • Mirrored Documents

Cloud Services

  • Local Cloud

  • Private Cloud

  • Public Cloud


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ADI ERP Improves Business Outcomes

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an operational cornerstone of your organization. Our profile ES ERP SaaS provides you with the integrated platforms that you need to support exceptional efficiency and long-term growth initiatives. In addition, profile ES ERP SaaS removes much of the complexity found in other enterprise-scale ERP systems. Our profile ES ERP SaaS provides small businesses with the powerful tools for computing and productivity needed in today's hyper-competitive world.

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Better Systems = Improved Business Outcomes

When your systems are fully supported and optimized, your business users are able to provide a better customer experience in a variety of different ways. Our profile ES business software stack provides:

When your operations are fully supported and optimized, your business users have a better experience. Providing up to date information for customers and employees gives everyone an effective decision process.

Our profile ES ERP SaaS business software stack provides:

  • General Ledger

  • Double Entry Accounting

  • Trial Balance

  • Batch Posting

  • Post References

  • Undo Batch Posting

  • Invoicing

  • Statements

  • Aging

  • Debt Collection

  • Purchase Orders

  • Supply Chain

  • Inventory

  • Raw Materials

  • Multi-Level Builds

  • Drop Shipping

    • Production Management

    • Order Completion

    • Order Tracking

    • Bill of Lading

    • Employee Time Recording

    • Expense Recording

    • Full Payroll

    • Tax Forms

    • Resource Management for:

      • Prospects

      • Customers

      • Board Members

      • Officers

      • Management

      • Employees

      • Contractors

      • Vendors

      • Investors

    Benefits of Edge Computing

    We utilize advanced Edge Computing (EC) technology to ensure that your ERP systems are always available at each of your locations. EC technology insures security, quick deployments and easy upgrades. EC opens the way for both online and offline data collection, analysis and reporting. EC limits security risks while also speeding operations and reducing the resources required for core computing.

    Essentially, EC offers benefits such as rapid scalability. It also reduces the negatives associated with most only in the cloud systems, removing security concerns and downtime.

    Additional benefits of Edge Computing include:

    • Reduced latency for processing at individual workstations

    • Private cloud with local data replication allows direct, onsite access to data

    • Continuous data backups means less potential of data loss

    • Catastrophic Recovery can be accomplished by overnight delivery of a fully populated local cloud to a new location

    Why does ADI dedicate their resources to producing the comprehensive systems that your small business deserves?

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