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A word from our founder, Chris Pergantis.

At Accelerated Design we think and work differently. We believe that small business should have the same resources that only large corporations can afford.

We recognize creative entrepreneurship as the core of America’s Greatness because small business drives our economy. ADI is in business to make that happen.

Your business experience, together with our capabilities, will result in greatly Improving Business Outcomes. The business systems developed by ADI will improve your customer service, supply chain, inventories, job costs, marketing and sales.

We create connected systems (Desktop, Web and Mobile) which meet the needs of any large corporation tailored to small business. We truly care about your business family. That is what drives us.

You can use our services in one of three ways.

  1. Custom ERP
  2. Subscription to profile ES Complete Business Solution
  3. Base line system plus custom changes

Each option provides your small business with exceptional features to manage your day to day processes and to analyze your bottom line from any perspective. Cost and ownership are the only differences when comparing these three.

You have My Personal Promise and Guarantee!
Would you like to have a discussion about your business needs?

Chris Pergantis


Realize Your Vision with Custom Business Solutions

You can realize a more profitable business. You need the methods and the technology to achieve the best business solution. It isn't rocket science. It is automation as an art-form. Helping you discover and manage your business profit centers is what we do. By using connected Desktop, Web and Mobile technologies you can get a complete view. If you have any questions or need any help please ask. We can talk about what you are requiring for free. You will talk with me Chris Pergantis. No pressure. No hard sale. If you need something that is found in the current market I can give you those options. I can help you locate other business solutions if our services are not required. You may enter your information into our contact form on this page to the left and down a bit. You may also click "Contact" in the main menu above or click the following button.

Software is only one part of any business process. The employees, products, services all have impact on your processes. Choosing the right business solution is a difficult task. There are thousands of products and services available. At Accelerated Design, we provide software designed for each of our clients. All our projects have been successful. Your company is integral to every step of the process to create your solution. A solution that is powerful and easy to use.

Increase Your Profit and Production

Accelerated Design provides user-friendly software that connects the latest computers, tablets and smart-phones. You want to provide the best experience for your customers, vendors and field technicians. We can produce your company's perfect solution. Accelerated Design can help you achieve your business vision.

Whether you are a small business revamping your website or re-tooling your entire enterprise. You should know we offer customized software development and subscription business solutions. Accelerated Design creates comprehensive business tools. A designed solution can help our clients with the following.

  • eCommerce

  • Customer Resource Management

  • Web Presence

  • Social Media and Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Human Resources

  • Payroll and Benefits

  • AR/AP Profit Loss

  • Inventory and Supply Chain

  • Vendors and Shipping

  • Productivity Tracking - ROI

  • Customer Support

  • Public Relations

  • Compliance



You will receive an open ended solution. A business solution that fits into your business today. One that empowers your team to produce more with less effort giving better results. A business solution that meets your specific business needs. Assured it will grow with your company as it changes. Accelerated Design can help you reach your vision.

Technology that Enables Production

Providing the best software solution is our directive. Any software solution that you need is obtainable. Our knowledgeable team can help identify your requirements. Solutions to maximize your profit and market share.

Rely on our team to help with the technical aspects of your software solution. From your website to your warehouse maximize your team productivity. Reporting of Production, Job Costing and Human Resource Assessment  helps to locate company "makers". You can put into place technology that streamlines processes.  Improve communication between your clients, partners and staff, lowering costs and increasing satisfaction.

You know that automation benefits process and production. Automation is so important and effective that we use it for our software development. This means the software you need is available as soon as possible. We understand that our time is best spent designing your software solution. Production of your project core is generated error-free. Our software development tools build the solution framework. Your solution still needs the hands of experienced developers. We always make sure the design is user friendly and the solution is fast and robust. Our team can make the details work.

We produce Mobile Apps and Web Applications. Your field staff, customers or vendors can access information no matter where they are. You operate in a large market, and your software has to be as mobile as you are. Expanding to new locations or adding international partners requires your software to be current. We make sure it is.

The automated code systems we use provide fast, robust and secure solutions. They take the utmost care of your business information. We have a 100% success rate with all our client. That is our dedicated work record since 2001. Our team at Accelerated Design wants you to receive more than just software. We want to provide you with a planned solution. One that improves your company outcomes. You can have a business solution that connects. Mobile, Web and Desktop software that uses the same information.

Consulting with our team identifies concepts and advanced solutions. Ones that increase productivity and profit, all within your budget. Contact us today. An advanced business solution can help you improve the bottom line of your business. Accelerated Design can do this.


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