Custom Systems

Custom Systems for Your Unique Business Requirements

We get it -- some businesses are simply unique and don't fit the paradigm of pre-built software. Our engineers and project managers will work directly with your teams to identify needs and efficiencies before building exactly the software that you need in a custom system. You can rest assured that the software will be created using the same core standards as our Profile ERP platforms -- with the same high level of security. We also maintain the interconnected nature of the platforms to provide you with exceptional business value. 

At ADI, believe in a shockingly simple principle: we listen closely to client needs and iteratively provide systems that deliver. Here's how we do it:

  • ADI professionals meet with your team to define the business requirements and any current system dependencies
  • We carefully document your needs in detailed use cases -- often requiring many hours of conversation with developers
  • A few weeks later, we deliver a working draft of your new software
  • Your team tests and determines what changes need to be made
  • We take careful notes and make adjustments based on your new or revised requirements
  • A final working draft is delivered to you for testing

Much of the base coding of our systems is automated, allowing us to write thousands of lines of code with simple commands to keep your costs and turn around time to a minimum. 

Quick Returns: True Business Value

Workarounds are expensive to your business both in terms of the productivity costs and frustration levels for your employees. When you invest in creating a custom system for your business, ADI can help you recognize true business value quickly, delivering beyond your expectations in many instances. We are firm believers that an iterative process for software design helps reduce the process bottlenecks that are slowing your growth potential and robbing you of the profitability that your business can attain. 

When you're ready to see how to blast through those process bottlenecks and get your business on track for future growth, contact the professionals at Accelerated Design today at 770-564-8899 or learn more about the various services that we offer online.