What is ERP Software

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise Resource Planning is a management software that efficiently allows for integration and smooth running of businesses.

Every company needs communication, cooperation, and the exchange of information between customers, vendors, and employees. Having your business work within one connected business system is the most effective way to ensure everything. ERP software is the key to increasing sales, improving productivity, providing product/service delivery, and focusing on customer satisfaction.


Companies use ERP software business systems to:

  • manage supply chain operations
  • organize business data
  • Automate day-to-day operations such as:
    • production
    • sales
    • accounting
    • manufacturing
    • production management
    • inventory management
    • accounts payable
    • accounts receivable
    • customer invoicing/payments
    • human resources

Features vary depending on the industry served. Previously, software companies delegated many business activities to other software applications or manual/paper systems. Today, most ERP systems provide features for managing and bringing those activities into a connected system.


Most businesses need inventory, sales, orders, warehouse, and other management functionalities. ERP software provides a quick and seamless system that combines all your business functions.