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ADI brings Software, Platforms, Infrastructure, Catastrophic Recovery, Systems Updates, and Systems Management together to provide your small business with an affordable Complete Business System. Connecting a desktop system with a cloud system and mobile systems brings the best solution to each venue.

The professionals at Accelerated Design understand that one business solution does not fit all small business. Some of Profile ES ERP is optional, saving the cost of unneeded features. In addition, the three separate engagement models ensure that we can tailor your business systems around your unique needs.

Profile Feature 1

Profile ES ERP EaaS

At its core Profile ES ERP requires a managed Local Cloud in each of your one or more locations. To connect your locations you will need the Private cloud which also enables Data Replication and Catastrophic Recovery.

To use the hosted connected Web Application for eCommerce, Customer Services and Vendor Support you will need the second optional service called a Public Cloud.

To use of mobile apps for field service and sales requires the public Option as well.

Profile Feature 2

Customized Profile ES ERP

Using our current version of Profile ES ERP core with some custom coded new or modified features results in much of the original extensive features of Profile ES ERP with your optimizations added for a greatly reduced price.

However, If your required changes could be adopted by other clients we are always looking for ways to improve our core systems and may determine that they could be added to the overall feature road map for the next Profile ES ERP release.

Profile Feature 3

Custom Systems

While Profile ES ERP "out of the box" can work for most organizations there are times a business may need a custom solution. ADI specialists will work inside your current business systems to improve production,

We are able to build partial systems that will connect with your current manual business setting. The business system designers at ADI are able to tackle your worst bottlenecks and leave you to grow past your then overcome blockages to growth. Then return later at your request to remove any other process bottlenecks your business may have.

We want to help your business to be profitable and growing, just as your business should be.
ADI stays inside your agreed budget and deadlines.
At a lower cost than you might assume.