Profile ES ERP EaaS

Enterprise-Scale Software, Reimagined for Smaller Businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platforms cover the majority of your business needs: human resources, marketing, finance and operations. Unfortunately, these comprehensive software suites are cost-prohibitive for many small to mid-size businesses -- exactly the organizations that would benefit from the simplicity of a fully integrated systems. Bringing together many of the functions of your business in a centralized location allows you to recognize economies and reduce the complexity of integrations, making it faster and easier to bring new products and services to market and serve your customers efficiently. 

Holistic Approach to Business Management

With our ERP system, also known as EaaS or Enterprise as a Service, you'll immediately see the benefits for your business. Instead of your various departments working within a silo, each employee will have a holistic view of the customer and their order status and how to provide a superior customer experience at each step of their buying journey. Utilize our Local Cloud option to gain access to this powerful software from within your various locations, or add our Private Cloud to provide enhanced backup and recovery functions as well as access for remote workers. 

ADI's Profile ES includes the following feature-rich functions:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inside sales
  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • eCommerce
  • Counter sales
  • Point of sale registers
  • Line production management
  • Shipping
  • Procurement
  • Order tracking 
  • Field Sales support and dispatch
  • Many more -- plus, we offer the option to customize functions for your particular business needs

Each of these unique functions is fully integrated to create a comprehensive system that serves the needs of each business group within your organization. 

Exceptional Ease of Use: Online and Offline

One of the key challenges with SaaS (Software as a Service) is that it's fully dependent on the strength of your internet connection. With our ERP solution, Profile ES, you're able to continue working just as efficiently offline as when you're connected to the internet. This is possible because of our on-premise local cloud which houses the core of your ERP solution at each of your various locations. Each local cloud can then tied to a remote private cloud for real-time backup and recovery processes. When your connection is restored, your local cloud immediately syncs with the remote private cloud to maintain seamless operations without any action required by your technology personnel.

The benefit of this modular approach to your infrastructure design is that you can quickly launch new functions and bring additional locations online efficiently -- without requiring extensive rework of your system architecture or networking strategy. When you're ready to improve efficiencies and reduce overall software costs in your business, contact the professionals at ADI today at 770-564-8899 for a complimentary consultation.