Real-time Production Insight Powers Today’s Business for Customer-Centric Fulfillment.

Leverage our secure, scalable production management system that includes everything from inventory management to multi-level builds, drop shipments, order tracking, job costing, management and more. Everything you need to ensure that your production team is effective and productive at all times.


Our powerful yet easy to use inventory management system allows you to start with a base product or raw material and build as you go. You can create additional parameters, edit fields and review your products.

Raw Material

Capture different types of raw materials and use them to build complex inventory products or production runs. Quickly pull together a variety of raw materials and actively review your on-hand counts to determine reorder points.

Multi-Level Builds

With Profile ES ERP you are not limited to simple products. Our multi-level build functionality allows you to configure a variety of options to create the products that you really need for your business -- without extensive customization of the platform.

Drop Shipping

Manufacturing some products and drop shipping others? No problem! You can mix and match products of any type with our flexible and scalable production functionality. Everything is fully integrated with our shipping and invoicing platform for the ultimate in convenience and smooth processing. 

Order Completion

Mark orders as complete and ready for billing, and see how the power of an integrated ERP platform can work for your business. Stop duplicate work in its tracks and ensure that orders are billed as quickly as possible so you’ll expedite getting paid.

Order Tracking

Need to know exactly where a particular order is? Trust that Profile ES ERP is closely tracking each order to provide you with up-to-date details at any time. Employees throughout the organization are able to have the same transparency into the location of orders, making customer service even easier and more convenient.

Bill of Lading

Don’t ship items without the necessary paperwork! Our unified bill of lading works seamlessly with our other production, customer and invoicing modules. Eliminate mismatches of jobs to paperwork and ensure that your products are always on time with detailed bill of lading documentation.

Job Costing

Accurate job costing is key for manufacturing process improvement. Without a true cost of production, it’s difficult to determine whether or not your processes are optimized or when you should stop offering a particular item (or put one on sale!). Our job costing provides you the transparent management tools that you need to be successful.


Managing production schedules and product distribution and manufacturing is a complex set of tasks that require a great deal of precision. With Profile ES ERP, your management tasks as simplified by easy access to clear, concise data that tells a true picture of the organization.

Traceability You Can Trust

With integrated shipping, receiving and purchase order platform, production managers and supervisors can confidently quote orders and tell customer service teams whether a rush order is acceptable -- or simply out of the question. View current inventory levels at a glance, maintain accurate records and be more effective at your job with Profile ES ERP. See how easily Profile ES ERP can be customized for your unique business needs.

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