Communications Management

Maintain Accurate and Consistent Communicate with Stakeholders: Prospects, Customers, Management, Employees and More.

Sharing information across your organization starts with ensuring that internal communication is strong. Our customer relationship management (CRM) functionality provides a solid base for communication that goes across the organization, up through managers and board members and ultimately to your customers.


People today are busy and quickly tune out of conversations that don’t seem to be tailored for their needs. Capture activities from your prospects so you’re able to suggest the next-best action that will tempt them to make a purchase -- or a phone call to your sales team for more information.


Coddling your customers starts with empowering your customer service team with the information that they need to exceed expectations. With our customer functionality, your sales and service teams will have the details that they need at their fingertips to keep the conversation moving forward.

Board Members

Provide your board members with the details that they need, while keeping them in the loop about important business news. Raise awareness of your organization with this important group of constituents by sharing targeted information directly from within your Profile ES ERP platform


Capturing information on your executives allows you to present a consolidated face to the organization, plus allows you to create a highly-structured business directory and information for your employees.


Segment your data to provide management with the level of reporting and additional information that they need. Creating this level of hierarchy allows you to route business processes accurately while also providing additional levels of reporting accessibility for these crucial individuals.


Capture accurate employee information that ties directly back into your human resources functions. This consistent application of information makes it that much easier to work across business team lines, while also promoting a spirit of openness within the organization.


Maintain a database of contractors, along with capturing information from human resources modules showing projects, completion rates, reporting and more. Each contractor has unique tracking information that allows for more effective asset utilization.


Capture vendor contact information so you always have the latest details at your fingertips. With a truly connected system such as Profile ES ERP, vendor contact information is tightly tied in with purchase orders, invoicing, communication and more.


Maintain lists of investors in your platform, providing an easy vehicle for sharing additional business details and metrics. Provide reports for your investors that will show the excellent work that is ongoing in your organization as well as quickly communicate any needs to this important group of individuals or businesses.

Efficient, Effective Communication

Growing your business starts with efficient, effective communication -- and that requires a centralized resource that maintains the data that is most important to the business. With Profile ES ERP, you have a single hub for the information that you need to grow and scale your business. Whether you need a customized implementation for your unique business needs, or are more interested in bringing certain functions online, you’ll appreciate how integrated the various functions are within the whole. Contact us today at 770-564-8899 or fill out our easy online contact form for a rapid response.