Human Resources

Maintaining information on your most important business assets requires care and consideration -- and a high level of security for your business.

With Profile ES ERP Human Resources functionality, you’ll consolidate multiple platforms for time recording, expense recording, employee and job management as well as a full payroll platform all in one place. Managing the HR functions of your business efficiently leaves your team more time to focus on hiring the best for your business!

Employee Management

Employee Management can require a great deal of administration and a high level of security. You’ll find both with Profile ES ERP. Add, update and remove employees from your organization’s roster with ease, while simultaneously tracking start and end dates, job changes, and more. Capture information for employees, contractors, part-time and freelance help in our secure cloud-based platform.


Capturing employee withholding and ensuring that it is accurate is crucial for your business success. You need to know that your personally identifiable information for employees, contractors and part-time associates is securely stored in the cloud. With Profile ES ERP, you can trust that not only will your withholding reporting be accurate, but it will be protected by top level security, too.

Time Recording

Recording time within Profile ES ERP is so much more efficient than punching a manual time clock or filling out a spreadsheet with the hours that each employee has worked. With Time Recording functionality, you’ll see quick returns on your investment in terms of productivity and ease of reporting.

Expense Recording

Few people enjoy expense reporting, but our software makes this odious task a breeze! Our Expense Reporting functionality fully integrates with our Human Resources, to eliminate duplicate entries and reduce the time for administration. Plus, you can easily route expenses to the right individual without additional keystrokes or data entry.

Full Payroll

Your employees trust that they will be paid accurately and on time -- every time. With Profile ES ERP, that task is easier than ever. Our Full Payroll functionality is tightly knit within the full Profile ES ERP platform to ensure that your payroll flows seamlessly from your employee management to the managers and staff. Trust that each employee will receive the correct payment with limited additional steps required by your payroll specialist.

Intuitive Controls for HR Success

Your team won’t have to spend years learning a variety of different systems. With Profile ES ERP, they’ll get up to speed quickly and be fully productive in no time. The fully integrated system means your human resources team will have the information that they need at their fingertips for quick decisions on hiring, payroll updates, employee management and more.

Ready to streamline your human resources operations with Profile ES ERP? See how easily it can be customized for your unique business needs. Contact us today at 770-564-8899 or fill out our easy online contact form for a rapid response.