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We have trouble using our "in the cloud" ERP system. When the local Internet goes down we cannot answer our customer's questions quickly and many times we just have to ask them to call back. In the office everything connected with our ERP Business system just stops.
Each of our locations are independent of the others. We try our best to keep one location from being able to access one of the other locations. It would be great if the accounting, CRM, inventories and other information could be kept securely separate. It would also be great if we could see each of those locations and get reports of each of those locations as a standalone enterprise plus get a view of all of the locations with the accounting of the home office included.
Backups happen but they are scheduled. This gives a point at which to restart our work if something is wrong but doesn't leave us much choice but to do all of today's work over. It would be great if we could draw down the information to just minutes before the trouble in operating the business system occurred.
We have seen the natural disasters and the social upheavals happen. We are just concerned that some how one or more of our locations might fall into the category of a business that has lost their place of business with no recovery. We want a 24 hour recovery plan with minimal costs.