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Acquiring Software

Foreword -  This series of articles which is designed to educate the process of finding effective software solutions. Solutions that are effective will add value to any business in which they are used. Not all solutions are effective. This series will help to inform on the principles of business need, acquisition cost, and price versus return on investment. The identification of benefits, both tangible and intangible, for any software solution is a large part of the process.

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Productive Business Operations


This article addresses:

  • The importance of productivity to a company’s economic growth

  • Effective software systems promote and improve productivity

  • Software's role in productivity

  • automating repetitive processes,

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Functionality Your Software Should Provide

An effective software solution will be able to deliver the following general functionality to increase a company's productivity and reduce costs:


  • Automation of existing core processes

  • Data auditing to reduce manual errors and ensure data accuracy

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Advanced Functionality

In this article we will focus on what makes a software solution “capable” and the benefits of cross platform solutions that allow you to manage internal and external relationships and to harness and share information and knowledge extending Human Resource Management practices beyond the company to include employees, vendors and customers.


Capable Software Solutions Tie All Aspects Of Your Business Together


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Manage Internal And External Relationships


Software should help an organization to harness and share knowledge easily.


Information that can be vital to a company’s bottom line is often found beyond the confines of its own walls. To remain competitive and to be able to respond to changing conditions quickly successful organizations are extending and enhancing the concept of teamwork beyond their own company. Social media and advanced software functionality to provide hosting and data security are helping to propagate information sharing between all sorts of organizations and communities.


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Investing In Software

In the next few articles you will find an explanation of different software deployments and the three basic types of software, how to determine your best software solution, how to begin your software acquisition process, cost justification, ROI (return on investment) and handling both management and employee resistance to new software.


Software Deployment


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