Consolidate your accounting activity with our advanced functionality for General Ledger, Trial Balance, Batch Posting and more.

Accurate accounting is crucial to your business, and you need to trust that your figures are accurate at all times. With our Profile ES ERP solution, you’ll consolidate accounting operations for easy reporting, audit and compliance.

General Ledger

Your business will scale and grow over time, and your accounting platform must be able to keep up. That starts with having an understandable general ledger program that helps minimize costs and increase productivity. Our versatile internal control system is built for real-time access to data that your teams will appreciate.

Double Entry Accounting

Each financial transaction affects at least two ledger accounts, and our double entry accounting system allows you to properly credit and debit each account and balance accurately every time. You’ll quickly find the information that you need to follow transactions throughout the life of your business.

Trial Balance

Our Trial Balance option allows you to review the credit or debit balance of each nominal ledger account. This can help you determine whether there are any input errors in your double entry accounting system, by checking for balance between the total credits and total debits.

Batch Posting

Creating one entry at a time can be slow and painful, wasting productivity and resources on your team. Our convenient Batch Posting functionality allows your team to work through multiple postings without slowing down their processes.

GL Post References

Profile ES ERP allows you to add Post References to each GL posting, so you will always know where the posts came from. These 

If you don’t have Post References you don’t have any idea where the GL posts came from. We provide references to each and every GL post. You can re-assemble a set of common posts to follow what is going on in your GL while reporting and during audits.

Undo Batch Posting

It’s all too easy to have a typo or simple mistake when you’re processing entries in batch mode. This why most GL Double Entry ERP systems have a trial balance, There is still always one or two events during a busy week where something slips past a trial balance and further investigation is required. Using the GL Post references can help locate the trouble. Sometimes it is best to undo the batch posting and repair the incident that caused the trouble then redo the batch post. Profile ES ERP allows you to undo the entire group of entries, resolve the error and then quickly re-post to your accounting systems.

Powerful Tools for Your Business

Accounting functions touch nearly every individual in your organization at some point in time. With Profile ES ERP, you’ll find that easy integration allows you to provide your employees with a holistic view of your customers that makes service easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Employees will appreciate that they can quickly gain access to the information that they need. Customers will appreciate the efficiency of your staff as they’re able to answer questions without delay. The integrated platform is an extremely powerful tool for your business success.

Tight Integrations with Business Functions

Since you are doing all of your processing within a single ERP platform, you’ll find economies of scale and reductions in duplicate work throughout the year. Everything from year-end closings to integration with logistics modules for shipping and receiving will reduce frustration throughout your organization.

Ready to learn more about the powerful accounting functionality that Profile ES ERP offers, or see how it could be customized for your unique business needs? Contact us today at 770-564-8899 or fill out our easy online contact form for a rapid response.